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Kibbutz Klub: Wicked/Meschugge edition@Club U

Kibbutz Klub: Wicked/Meschugge edition

Fr., 20. Aug. 2021 22:00 @ Club U , Wien - Wieden

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/////// KIBBUTZ KLUB: Wicked/Meschugge Edition ////////
FRI 20/08/2021 I 22:00 - 06:00 I Club-U

The magic is real – we will dance again. Ooooy, it’s gonna be witchy-wicked and full of meschugge moves #defyinggravity

Straight outta Tel Aviv kommt unser Resident DJ Aviv (without the Tel) und versorgt euch mit Mizrachi, Isratrash und den heißesten Beats aus Middle East. Eurodance and the finest queens of pop served hot and saucy by DJ-Bear J’aime Julien. Für’s Auge gibt’s Visuals von unserem VJ-God Alkis in the mix J’aime Julien (it’s a premiere, baby!).

Club-U – we love you! Party machen wie damals – on the dancefloor drinnen und auf der fast gänzlich überdachten Terrazza. Dancing in the rain – kein Problem ⛈

Polish your magic…sticks and brooms, turn green like the wicked witch of the West. We’ve been informed: the wizard of Oz loves Sarit Hadad and Beyoncé more than Emerald city