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Rosario Smowing@Fania Live

Rosario Smowing

Sa., 08. Aug. 2015 21:00 @ Fania Live , Wien



It was created in late 1999, originally inspired by the sound of swing and ska of the '70s and '80s. They released their first demo in 2000, with 5 songs, which reflected a danceable proposal, good rhythm and a colorful urban and "tango" dye in the lyrics writed by the vocalist and frontman, Diego Casanova.

In 2013 Rosario Smowing launches 13 años; a Special Edition with their three discs; presented in the main Argentine cities. In August, the band began a tour of 20 concerts in five European countries; attending festivals as Dranouter New Traditions (Belgium), Hannover Maschseefest, Straßenfest Berlin Ku'damm, Blues & Jazz in Bamberg (Germany) and others.

The upward career of the "RockBigband" finds them in early 2014 on a big night at the CC Konex of Buenos Aires, with the Swedes Faela and locals Babel Orkesta.

Then they went to their third European tour, leaving good impression on some of the most important festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Lärz Fusion, Burg Herzberg, Koblenz Horizonte, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Tilburg Mundial; among other performances in Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, Bern, Malmö, Frankfurt and more, in a raid of eight countries. In September they participate in the II International Festival of Goiás (Brazil), shared programming with such notable artists as Escalandrum, Renato Borghetti and Hermeto Pascoal.

2015 it will be time for 4th CD "No te prometo nada" in a new European tour among July and August; and then at important stages of Argentina.

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