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Plush Fish (RU) + Holidays Refused (A)

So., 17. Mai. 2015 20:00 @ B72 , Wien - Josefstadt

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Eintritt: VVK: 6 / AK: 8


Hauptact: Plush Fish (RU) - FIRST TIME IN AUSTRIA
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK2XRjFLlbU

Band Info:
"Plush Fish" was formed in 2000 in Moscow, Russia. Their music style varies from ska-punk to pop-punk and the band already released 5 albums, including a split album with the German ska band "The Coconut Butts".
The band performs up to 100 shows a year and since 2011, "Plush Fish" are constantly touring through Europe, playing shows in Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary and many others.

Support: Holidays Refused (A)
Video: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=332429646932276&set=vb.196067483901827&type=3&theater

Band Info:
HR was formed in 2013 as a side-project of 2 well known Viennese Bands. Their basic priorites shifted from being a "party-cover" band to writing own songs and playing various shows. The 4 guys have sacrificed their souls to the gods of (pop) punk and their catchy melodies mixed with fast beats carries the crowd away. So stay tuned for more "Holidays Refused"...

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